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Sharpie massacre

There was ink everywhere

3 February 1989
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I'm a innocent little thang that ain't never done nothing to no one. And if you believe that I've got a bridge to sell you...

I'm an anarcho-primitivist, vegan, genderqueer, pansexual, and herbalist. And before you think I'm you comrade-in-arms I'm not, and I'm not related to you so don't try to pull that either.

Have I mentioned I'm a cranky and cynical little monkey? Well I am, just thought I might mention that.

I love learning languages, and I'm currently trying to learn Spanish and Japanese, though I want to learn Russian, Nahuatl, and Gaelic later in life. That's a lot of languages, but I'm really interested in languages all over the world. I'm half-hispanic, damn near half-white, and I only grew up with 1 of my 8 siblings. Having so many siblings is why I'm child-free.

Also I really like meeting new people since I'm closer to the extrovert side of things than I am the introvert side, so add me if you like. I generally don't bite, and even than I try to be gentle. :D

Ask me questions on my Formspring. ^_^
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